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About Me(gha)

Namastey! My name is Megha Sachdeva and I am from India. I am a 22-year-old developer turned UX designer.

I grew up in a small-town Jodhpur in Rajasthan and had a lovely childhood there. For my college I moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai. The change was drastic and every day was no less than a rollercoaster ride :’) I got to learn so many things from various experiences, got to meet a diverse set of people and learn about their culture and traditions. With each challenge I faced, I grew better as a person.

I have always loved creativity whether it was arts and crafts, sketching and painting, best out of waste etc. Basically, anything and everything! Other than this, I also have a keen interest in visual arts and photography. I love to capture every moment through my lens. I believe that it completely depends on every individual how they perceive the things around them, cause the world is beautiful in every possible way- the blue as well the grey.

In the so-called “me time”, I love to visit art galleries, museums and open spaces with natural beauty. I feel the most peaceful when I am surrounded by nature. I am a nephophile (well my name Megha, which means clouds XD) , a selenophile and an astrophile as well. I have been keeping myself updated to everything happening in the Universe quite literally! I have always been into cosmology. Looking up in the sky, I understand that there are no boundaries while staring at those millions of stars gives me a sense of confidence that no matter how small I might feel at times, but even then I shine.

I am though not much into reading novels, but I do enjoy reading knowledgeable books a lot. The Theory of everything by Stephen Hawking, Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon, Don’t believe everything you think by Joseph Nguyen have been my recent reads. I am currently reading the infamous Hindu mythological book Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Personally, I try my best to spread awareness about mental health in an attempt to break the taboos and stigmas surrounding it, especially in the society I grew up and lived in. I myself have been through a rough phase in my life and I believe that the best we can do as humans is to be kind, accepting and loving towards everyone. Being kind doesn’t cost anything but can mean so much to someone else in the time they need it the most. #ShareASmile is a campaign that I have been carrying out myself and encouraging others to follow as well :). In the future also I would do the best in my capability to help every human being in any way possible.

I have an immense love for music. While browsing through my portfolio you can enjoy some of my favourite tracks (please check the footer section). My current favourites being from the album, Indigo by RM of BTS. Music has always been useful to 'get me out of my blues' and also to make me 'clap along because I am happy' XD. Meaningful lyrics that I can relate to are always a plus point. So far, I have explored many genres and artists, but the one I connected to the most are BTS. The warmth, love and comfort in their music is what I love the most :) and not to forget how wonderful, humble and hardworking humans they are <3

This was me up close and personal :) You may browse through some of my art pieces and photography collection; trust me you won’t regret it ;)

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The Gateway of India


For the love of skies 

Streets of Mumbai

My paintings

The Sun is watchin' ya

Art gallery visits

An evening in Mumbai


Sand Art

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